Monday, December 01, 2008


Not sure why I just thought to myself last night, that I have not blogged for a very long time.

One name popped up was my online friend, Adam. I don't know why, but Adam was one of my earliest online friend since I started blogging in 2003. Ah, we knew each other for 5 years already yet we haven met. We have not chatted for quite a long time too since he started on his second new job this year.

This morning I attended a Scholarship Tea Talk organized by SPH out of curiosity. It was an interesting sharing by some of the journalism scholars and also their chief editor. The HR manager also shared with the audience on the criteria of candidates selection. Again Adam's name popped up... he seems to fit into those criteria.

Then out of the blue, Adam msg me at my gtalk. This that kind of telepathy? Hehe. He told me he was sick and on MC. Ah... perhaps God wanted me to pray for him and I wasn't sensitive enough to realize it till Adam told me. Hope he gets well soon.

Oh ya, how are all my online friends? I wonder.....


Sunday, August 10, 2008

One Singapore

After being "wow" while watching the Olympic opening ceremony yesterday, I thought our National Day Parade would pale in comparision today. However, I was "WOW" by our Singapore fighter aircraft air show during the parade. I felt so proud of Singapore though we are small. 

After all, we are still "One people, one nation, one Singapore".




Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finding the Humor in Your Daily Life

I just got back from 2 oversea trips (leisure cum work, 4 days), after having half recovered from my bad dental condition. I thought I couldn't make it at first as my gum infection got worse 2 days prior to the trip. Thank God for the 2nd dentist who gave me a better treatment and save me from pain in time for the trip. :) During those periods of suffering I really wished that someone could amputate my head (no kidding).

God is good all the time! Just read the following joke from Connection Newsletter in my inbox this morning. It made my day....

Hearing a department store clerk address me as "Ma'am," four-year-old Jennifer asked what that meant.

"Ma'am is short for madam," I replied. "It's a polite way to address a woman."

Jennifer asked what name Daddy would be called.

"Sir," I answered.

"Sir ... " she thought for a moment, "that must be short for servant!"

—Jane Noble, Fort Gratiot, Michigan

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Are Architects the Sexiest?

I happened to surf into someone's blog and read the above debate. What do you think?

Well, I have only an architect ex-bf so can’t generalize all. I must say that this architect ex is:
- good looking
- romantic, surprised me all the time with his creative drawings & designs for me, making me laugh
- fickle minded and indecisive, in the matter of the heart, can change his heart overnight
- stubborn, in his view about designs

Yes, my ex seems to be the best man I ever knew then (a rare species)…. but guess every gal think the same way with him, and that’s the whole problem. When he can have too many choices, no one can be with him for too long. This is not to say that he flirts, but rather he is very indecisive even when he thinks he has found the best gal and promises to marry her.

A recent tv series I watched showed how a successful architect causing so many tragic endings for the girls he loved and his own very close buddies, because of his indecisiveness in the matter of the heart.

Perhaps that’s the trait of creative people? No one is perfect no matter how sexy and lovable. :(

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Know Yourself Tests

While doing an internet research for my work I came across the website, Know Yourself. I just felt the urge to 'indulge' myself a little to be away from work and tried the tests below and got my results....

How vulnerable are you?

Adorably tender. You, too, respond intensively to others' needs as well as your own, and can contain yourself when that's the advisable course

Are you a true leader?

You have definite leadership qualities and probably control and guide the destinies of a number of your subordinates. Just a little more pushiness and you could probably go places.

Test your Self-Confidence : Work Place

You are confident in working life and public situations, but not overconfident. This is a good thing as work and public life is largely a matter of give and take.

How considerate are you?

You are a very considerate person. You're willing to help people in need even when it's inconvenient to you.

Are you a good judge of people?

You are an excellent judge of other people, probably gifted with real insight into human nature and the enormously variable range of human personality.

How good is your self-image?

You have a reasonably realistic appraisal of yourself.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Who Am I?

Am I a human or a robot?
Am I programmed to think or feel in certain way?
Is there a place for me on earth?

I am so different from others that I don't feel belong here.
Who am I? Can someone tell me?


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Year 2007

On the eve of 2008, I pondered over my life in year 2007. As I looked back I realized that I have lost many things and people dear to me. How can I then give thanks on our Thanksgiving Day on 1 Jan 2008?

Yet God reminded me that He was the One Who saw me through all my low and frustrating periods. Without Him I would have been lost myself. Yes, His grace is sufficient for me (2 Corinthians 12:9).

I hardly have time to blog these days and my online blogging friends have also one by one stopped blogging. I missed them. Some have already settled down with their own family, some are about to be married, some have found their sweetheart, and with one or two still 'dangling' alone.

For me, my work is my constance companion, other than God. I know that He is all I need and I must give my all to Him. I am sure He will see me through another season of life in 2008 and make me a channel of blessings to those whom I come across like before or even more. He has seen through my 2007 season already.

I am glad to be a Christian. :)

I wish all readers of my blog a meaningful 2008!

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