Monday, November 28, 2005


This picture was email to me by a friend. I find it funny yet it speaks of something I noticed about some guys. One recent example is my friend.

I have a frend who 'fell in love' with a gal because he thought she was interested in him as a result of her 'misleading' actions towards him. Little did he know that she is actually 'in love' with one of his male friends whom he sees everyday. My friend only came to know about it after seeing them behaving lovingly at a mutual function. He is very jealous and hurt indeed! (Actually, in the first place, that gal has never said "I love you" to my friend before.)

Well many months have past, yet he still bears the hurt in his heart, making himself a 'prisoner' to her. He just cannot forgive her or set himself free from the 'jail' he invented for himself, though many friends have already adviced him to let go. I felt sad for him.

I thought only gals might feel that way? Hmmn....

Did he loved her? If he did love her, he will be glad that she is happy I guess. It seems he just want to possess her, and he can't take the humilation from the 'lost of face'.

Anyway, I wish him well....

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Have You Ever Been That Tired?

A friend of mine forwarded the following photo to me... aren't they adorable? :)

To be able to sleep easily may be a blessed thing.... no worry ya. Sometimes I wish I can fall asleep easily just like these children...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Do You Understand Me Today?

Click on image to enlarge. :)