Friday, December 14, 2007

Where Is Christmas

I don't feel much of the Christmas spirit this year. Perhaps it's b'cos of my busyness at work the stress I am suffering form and also.....

Well, Christmas is not Christmas when Jesus is not around. So Christmas is in my heart all year round.

Anyway, I will be going for mission trip tomorrow and will be back on Sun. This is one way for me to be away from work and spend more time in the things of God and be human again. I will be there to celebrate Christmas with the villagers. Cheers!

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Blogger Richard said...

How can you feel the Christmas spirit when all you have around you is tropical storms and temperatures above 25C? You will feel much better once the temperature falls to sub-zero and you get some snow :P

Of course, having the religious significance drowned out by crass marketing is also a downer. I think Christmas is big enough for everyone to celebrate in their own way, but I wish people would respect its Christian heritage.
I complain each year how hard it is to find religiously themed Christmas cards. I don't want a snowman or reindeer, I want the Christ child on my cards.

15 December, 2007 03:55  
Blogger buzybee said...

Yes, Christmas has become just like another public holiday this year. Worst for me is that I don't even realize when the holiday arrives. :(

My work has robbed me of life.... I have no time with anyone, even God. I miss my heavenly Father. What shall I do?

25 December, 2007 02:55  
Blogger Richard said...

The same thing I do - dream of leaving your job.

Work robs us of many of the nice things in life.

Finding balance is tough. After all, who wants to raise a family in a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere in the middle of Winter. Who wants to feed them out of garbage cans?

I tihnk this world is big enough and bountiful enough that is people truly and genuinely shared, took only wha tthey needed and cooperated, we would all have more time for God centred lives.

Take care.

26 December, 2007 00:01  
Blogger buzybee said...

My 2008 resolution, if any, is to learn to let go of my work once I leave office. I really pray that I can be more disciplined in doing this.

06 January, 2008 22:57  

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