Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finding the Humor in Your Daily Life

I just got back from 2 oversea trips (leisure cum work, 4 days), after having half recovered from my bad dental condition. I thought I couldn't make it at first as my gum infection got worse 2 days prior to the trip. Thank God for the 2nd dentist who gave me a better treatment and save me from pain in time for the trip. :) During those periods of suffering I really wished that someone could amputate my head (no kidding).

God is good all the time! Just read the following joke from Connection Newsletter in my inbox this morning. It made my day....

Hearing a department store clerk address me as "Ma'am," four-year-old Jennifer asked what that meant.

"Ma'am is short for madam," I replied. "It's a polite way to address a woman."

Jennifer asked what name Daddy would be called.

"Sir," I answered.

"Sir ... " she thought for a moment, "that must be short for servant!"

—Jane Noble, Fort Gratiot, Michigan

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