Sunday, March 16, 2008

Know Yourself Tests

While doing an internet research for my work I came across the website, Know Yourself. I just felt the urge to 'indulge' myself a little to be away from work and tried the tests below and got my results....

How vulnerable are you?

Adorably tender. You, too, respond intensively to others' needs as well as your own, and can contain yourself when that's the advisable course

Are you a true leader?

You have definite leadership qualities and probably control and guide the destinies of a number of your subordinates. Just a little more pushiness and you could probably go places.

Test your Self-Confidence : Work Place

You are confident in working life and public situations, but not overconfident. This is a good thing as work and public life is largely a matter of give and take.

How considerate are you?

You are a very considerate person. You're willing to help people in need even when it's inconvenient to you.

Are you a good judge of people?

You are an excellent judge of other people, probably gifted with real insight into human nature and the enormously variable range of human personality.

How good is your self-image?

You have a reasonably realistic appraisal of yourself.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Who Am I?

Am I a human or a robot?
Am I programmed to think or feel in certain way?
Is there a place for me on earth?

I am so different from others that I don't feel belong here.
Who am I? Can someone tell me?