Friday, May 30, 2008

Are Architects the Sexiest?

I happened to surf into someone's blog and read the above debate. What do you think?

Well, I have only an architect ex-bf so can’t generalize all. I must say that this architect ex is:
- good looking
- romantic, surprised me all the time with his creative drawings & designs for me, making me laugh
- fickle minded and indecisive, in the matter of the heart, can change his heart overnight
- stubborn, in his view about designs

Yes, my ex seems to be the best man I ever knew then (a rare species)…. but guess every gal think the same way with him, and that’s the whole problem. When he can have too many choices, no one can be with him for too long. This is not to say that he flirts, but rather he is very indecisive even when he thinks he has found the best gal and promises to marry her.

A recent tv series I watched showed how a successful architect causing so many tragic endings for the girls he loved and his own very close buddies, because of his indecisiveness in the matter of the heart.

Perhaps that’s the trait of creative people? No one is perfect no matter how sexy and lovable. :(

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